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Online Amazon Affiliate Course


​Course information at a glance:

  • Total Class: 20
  • ​Class Duration: 60 minutes
  • ​Course Trainer: Md Faruk Khan & Shaib Montachir
  • Course Fee: 20,000 BDT (Twenty Thousand Taka)

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​Meet Our Trainers

​Md Faruk Khan

​Lead Trainer (SEO & Affiliate Marketing)

Md Faruk Khan has already established himself as a brand in the field of SEO in Bangladesh. Thousands of his student from all over the world acknowledge this truth. Bringing success through SEO is synonymous to his training.

​Sabirah Islam

​Local SEO Expert & Creative Content Writer

Sabirah Islam can create magic with her words. Passionate in writing gives her an additional advantage in becoming a potential SEO professional. Till now she has created wonder in delivering a speech where trainee easily understands the lessons.

​Shaib Montachir

​SEO & Amazon Affiliate Trainer

Shaib Montachir is a true SEO professional who can rank for any keyword regardless of the competition. His practical working experience creates an outstanding environment in his training session and trainee become more engaged in his session.

Student Review

​My name is Rumana Pervin. I live in Dubai, UAE. I watched many videos on SEO. Finally, I got SEO related videos of Faruk Khan. I attracted to watch that videos and I communicated with him. He suggested doing the course of Amazon Affiliating and I made a decision to do this. Actually, Amazon Affiliating is a difficult course. But his teaching procedure was very simple and easy. That's why I grabbed it very easily. When I wanted any help, he did it as soon as possible. His patience is highly appreciated as well. Now, I am selling my Amazon product successfully. As a online student, I want to say, honesty is very important for online course and I got it 100% from Faruk Khan. That's why I respect him so much. In a word, he is a dependable person or a teacher for Online Amazon Affiliating course.

Rumana Pervin

​I have an unfulfilled aspiration to boost my small business online by myself. I've got some idea that local SEO can make my dream true. Therefore, I’ve searched for a reliable online training for SEO. I’ve heard about Md Faruk Khan. He was very co-operated and guided me to join the online local SEO training to make my dream real. After completing this course, I am now very much confident for success. Thank you!

sayed alam

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​How does SEO/local SEO improve my business?

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​Once my site climb at the peak, should I invest continuously in SEO?

​What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

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